We require a minimum of 12, but preferably 24, reactions to be provided for this service. High throughput reactions receive a lower price because reactions are prepared using multichannel pipettors, the resulting chromatograms are not edited, and free redo reactions are limited to facility errors, not user errors. Reactions should be organized in 96-well PCR-type plates, or in 8-tube strip tubes such as these:

DO NOT use flat-bottomed plates as they are difficult to pipette from. Volumes for templates and primers should reflect that we use 1.4 and 1.0 ul respectively for each reaction. Samples should be securely sealed with strip caps. Sealing with most tapes (clear & metallic) WILL result in leakage unless the samples are dried down. For shipped samples it is especially important that the sealing method be secure against leakage, and samples packed to avoid crushing.

Please give samples and primers reasonably short names, avoiding more than a combined length of 23 characters. Organize reactions to avoid gaps where possible. Samples MUST be organized in the 8-well dimension in plates, with samples running from 01A, 01B, 01C, etc.

Please use the following Excel spreadsheet (zipped for easy download) to place your order: Sequencing-Plate_template. Please e-mail the file to us at DNACore@DNAServer.bsd.uchicago.edu as an attachment, changing the name of the file to include your name and the date (eg. J-Doe_8-1-06.xls).