University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center - DNA Sequencing Facility

Template Submission Instructions for External Users

Revised March 7, 2012.

1. Users of the UCCCC-DNA Sequencing Facility need to provide a form containing both template and billing information. This is done electronically either by filling in the web sequencing request form on the home page (low throughput), or by e-mailing us an Excel spreadsheet high-throughput form.

2. Fill out the form as completely as possible. Certain fields as noted are mandatory, and you should provide a valid PO number before your order is processed (checks drawn on a US bank are acceptable), although we will make exceptions if the PO number is in the process of being generated (in which case writing "PO Pending" is fine, followed by an e-mail with the number). If PO numbers are not available, we can pre-arrange to bill you with payment by check drawn off a bank with a US subsidiary. We are able to process credit card payments, but please do not include the card information in the form, but do include the name and phone number to contact for the card information. Please include your billing address in the order comments field (eg. Accounts Payable) for the first order from your lab. Click on the submit button once you are sure the information is correct. Please be sure that a reply page appears acknowledging receipt of the form. (Note that for some users the confirmation page does not appear, possibly due to firewall issues at that institution. Call or e-mail us if this happens.)

3. DNA templates and primers should be prepared according to the instructions found in the Template preparation instructions. Tightly sealed tubes with crush-resistant padding should be used, with careful labelling that includes the user's last name. Enclosing tubes in plastic petri plates or slide holders is especially effective. If you send samples throught the US mail, DO NOT use standard-sized envelopes! They fit in the mail sorting machines and tubes are either crushed or torn away, instructions for hand stamping notwithstanding. Dried pellets can be send if specific rehydration instructions are included. Please provide at least 5 µl of sample (or dried equivalent) to permit repeated reactions if necessary. Samples can be dropped off (maps) or shipped to us at the following address:

CRC-DNA Sequencing Facility
Univ. of Chicago, KCBD rm 1230H
900 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

For courier service, FedEx and UPS are the preferred choices. For FedEx you should not use First Overnight, as this is often too early and cannot be delivered until later.

4. For the first time submission from a lab, downloading instructions and a user name and password will be provided by e-mail when the sequences are ready. Follow the instructions on the download form to retrieve your sequences.

2. Two files will be provided for each template sequenced, a chromatogram file and a text file of sequence. Software is available for viewing and manipulating the chromatograms via our home page. Files will be stored for a minimum of six months, but will be purged as space is needed beyond this time.

Note: Please contact us by phone at (773) 702-1088 for problems or clarifications.