University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center - DNA Sequencing Facility

Template Submission Instructions

Revised 3/7/12


Users of the DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Facility need to provide a form containing both samples and billing information. This is done by filling out a web form online for low throughput sequencing, or with an Excel spreadsheet that is e-mailed for high throughput sequencing, genotyping, and prerun sequencing reactions.

Template Submission Using a Web Browser

1. Use your Web browser to connect to our home page and choose the appropriate order form for your browser.
2. For low throughput sequencing, fill out the form and press the submit button once you are sure the information is correct. We accept specific FAS numbers and bill the account directly. Please note the reply page following submission--this is your confirmation. For all other sequencing or genotyping, download the appropriate Excel form, rename it with your name and the date, and attach it to your email. Our address is:

University of Chicago,
DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Facility
KCBD, room 1230H
900 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637


Sequence Retrieval

1. For the first time submission from a lab, a user name and password will be provided when the sequences are ready. Follow the instructions on the download form to retrieve your sequences.

2. Two files will be provided for each template sequenced, a chromatogram file and a text file of sequence. Software is available for viewing and manipulating the chromatograms on our home page. Free demos of the program Sequencher from GeneCodes Corp. (URL: are available for viewing chromatograms and making non-savable alignments. Samples will be stored for three months, while files will be available on the server for at least 6 months, and stored on CD permanently.

Note: Please contact us by phone at (773) 702-1088 for problems or clarifications.