University of Chicago Cancer Research Center - DNA Sequencing Facility

Maps to the CRC-DNA Sequencing Facility

Revised Sept 21, 2009.

The University of Chicago is located on the south side of Chicago, a few blocks west of Lake Michigan between 55th and 61st streets, in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Our building is located at 57th street south and in the 900 block east. Access to the area is by Interstate 94 (Dan Ryan expressway) on the west (exit 55th street east) or Lake Shore Drive to the east (exit at 57th or 59th streets).

Here are maps of the streets surrounding our campus location. The Knapp Center for Biological Discovery (KCBD) is located on the northeast corner of the Drexel and 57th street intersection, with the address "900 East 57th Street". Our rooms are in the northeast corner of the 1st floor, room 1230H. You can enter through the main lobby, then access our corridor by entering through the large glass doors east of the elevators or the single door past the washrooms on the north end. Continue north (left) until you are in front of the second, north-most entrance (the first south entrance to 1230 is Functional Genomics).