University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center - DNA Sequencing Facility

Our Redo Policy

Our goal is the same as our Users--to obtain the best quality sequence every time. It is part of the human condition that we all make mistakes or our technology occasionally fails. To remedy problems caused by the possibility of our errors or failures, our redo policy is to repeat failed or poor quality reactions for free. However, these repeats must use the identical primer and template as originally called for. We will accept cleaned or reprepped templates, and new primer dilutions, but if an incorrect template or primer was used originally, redo's will not be done. In the case where verification of clear but possibly undesired results is wanted, redo's will not be done and the user will have to submit a new order.

For large orders where most or all the reactions are poor, we will only redo a maximum of 12 samples. In the case of new users with large orders, we usually will run a few samples to test for quality. However for repeat users this safeguard is not typically in use, and we cannot be responsible for repeating more than 12 reactions unless it is due to our failure.

Please note that BAC/PAC/cosmid and other large template reactions require special processing, which includes 4 times the normal reaction mix volume and overnight cycling. Since these conditions are as optimized as is possible, we do not offer free redo's of failed BAC-type reactions, unless there is an obvious failure during the reaction processing, such as from drying during cycling or loss of sample during cleanup.